Traditional Villages in The Center

Tra Que Vegetable Village is famous for its over 20 kinds of leafy vegetables and spices. Especially, there are many kinds of vegetables that are not as delicious as basil, é, perilla. The vegetables will meet five spicy, sour, sweet, bitter, chat. Thanks to the special flavor that Tra Que vegetables have contributed to the famous folk food in Hoi An and Quang Nam. Onions, cilantro together with jelly salad, sour soup; Deaf and hard of hearing … used to cook hot pot; Basil, basil, green onions used in mixed dishes in the Cam Nam.

And Quang noodles must be eaten with vegetables Que Que fresh to see the delicious combination of the taste of nature. Tra Que is not only popular in Quang Nam but also in the old foreign trade to other countries. Probably due to alluvium Co Co river fat color that Tra Que people still produce a few dozen kinds of vegetables have not changed with time, although they do not use chemical fertilizers or any medicine. Any spray except for the extremely rich seaweed on the river.

And in any season of the year vegetables are also green, when the salad, cucumber, cilantro at the time of reform, deafness, .. every season so Hoi An does not lack the taste of vegetables in this Traditional Villages in The Center. Since the ancient town of Hoi An became a tourist attraction, the vegetable village was also fragrant. Visitors are constantly looking to the village before looking at the fresh vegetable fields, learn the technology to produce delicious vegetables of the villagers, then the same people care, irrigation and enjoy a bar scene the village of Vietnam.

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