Sapa 2 day tours

 We go to Nhi Bar, located between Ta Phin village. The owner is a Kinh guy, handsome, not wife, plastic mouth turn, petrol to serve food on the table. Everything was prepared by ordering over the phone, including an assortment of rambutan, a slice of lemon chicken, a pork chop and a duck, and a bowl of rice. He generously gave us a piggy-back plate and a special highland specialty wine bottle. Food is not good taste, worst is pig’s forks, all are warm but only warm. One person (person) eats 80,000 VND. After eating, some people go upstairs to find power.
After dinner, each of us was a group of Red Dao people "escorted." They speak Vietnamese quite well, quite fluent English "accent" when meeting foreign guests. They cling to the brocade to sell brocade is holding in hand or hand in hand. Kim is a profession of the Red Dao brand, attracting a lot of tourists. Especially in the older women there are many young girls (only 14-15 years old) behind the black face. Asked if the Red Dao people have to follow the marriage so the girls just got up at age 13 have married.

Come to Ta Phin village to enjoy the life of the Red Dao people
Come to Ta Phin village to enjoy the life of the Red Dao people

We follow a dirt road, not a shade tree, but the scenery is quite beautiful, the two sides of the road is the green field dividers divided into several small boxes. About a kilometer to the high mountain, where there is a local cave called Ti Ổ Cam. Before the door, on high, there are 6 words inscribed: "Dai Binh Ta Thanh Long". With 5,000 dong in the cave, there will be people carrying lights to take visitors.
Ti Ổ Jin is a large cave, can hold up to a regiment of soldiers. In the cave, in the light of light, guests like to go to a realm, enamored of the stalactites are bizarre shapes. There is a fairy troupe dancing. There are many stalactites forming a lot of people are talking in the place where the future. There are assemblies into a forest, the forest is glistening magic colors ….
Although a tourist destination seems wild, but Ta Phin also attract many visitors to visit. Visitors from the upstream region. Guests from the West come. Everyone is eager, enjoy watching the natural scenery with the gentle Red Dao, suffering hard.
In the bright sunlight, some of her grandmother eyes and nose sitting on the side of the house, diligent, care for each needle nose for the brocade on each hand a beautiful. When they saw the strangers, these little girls grinned and wore gold-stained teeth. As young women walking tens of kilometers here, clinging to customers looking to sell some products to earn more income for the family. Because, my husband is at home farming, to harvest not much grain. With Sapa 2 day tours, most visitors are eager to buy some brocade weaving of local. But there is an attractive service, should not be overlooked is to bathe leaves – a unique feature in the activities of the Red Dao here.
In Ta Phin village, where there is a courtyard full of plants, leaves, guests naturally come in if you want to steam, bathe leaves. In the past, Dao people often use the tobacco from the forest to cook water bath on the last day of the year to welcome the new year. Realizing that bathing leaves are good for health, Ta Phin people have turned it into a unique product, serving tourists.
To bathe the traditional medicine of the Red Dao, each tank of bath water often use more than 10 kinds of leaves, sometimes even up to 120 different types. As well as spa salons, urban saunas, bath houses, there are lockers and personal belongings. In a small, private room, the steam from the pooh basin was so opaque that the aroma of herbs mixed with the aroma of the bath tub made people feel good and relaxed. In the room there are plastic containers for cold water for guests to mix the blood color of the blood, such as Bordeaux wine.
When you see the hot water in your body, drop it. Soak in the tub, breathe in the warmth of scented warm water, the more you listen to your body refreshed, gentle. Only soak for 15 – 20 minutes then step out of the tub. Then you will have the feeling that your body is clean and refined as if someone brushes it, you see pink skin, fresh, pink eyes, if you are middle-aged women will feel like a girl Spring spring … If you want, with 200,000 VND, guests will enjoy a massage full body "worth the money bowl rice".
Bath toiletries are available in two types: single and double for couples or couples sharing a bath. Single bath with a capacity of 70,000. At Sa Pa Red Cooperative bathing traditional herbal bath, pedicure pedicure in the fourth team in Ta Phin commune also sells bath products for women after birth. They also cooked the leaves of concentrated medicine in plastic bottles for the guests to bring home the bath. Foot bath 100,000 VND / bottle 350ml, bath water for women 80,000 VND / bottle 350ml. Follow the instructions around the bottle body, soak feet, pour 5ml into 2-3 liters of warm water, soak for 15-20 minutes; bath half a bottle of 20-30 liters of warm water, also soak in the above period. If you soak for a long time, you will feel drunk, drunk, and drunk.
According to the Red Dao in Ta Phin, bathing leaves or soak herbs for a long time will see the pharmacy of the leaves, treatment of diseases such as rheumatism, joint pain, muscle fatigue, cold, flu, stomach, leeches, skin diseases, cough, jaundice, back pain, liver pain. In particular, women bathe smooth skin leaves, especially pregnant women after the delivery of blood. Bathing the elderly, the elderly to prevent the persistent discomfort of a person suffering from "time abuse".

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