Just in the month of September

Just in the month of September my office hosted Business listening session, coffee and Kulan Public housing session, legislative wrap-up listening session with Sen. Dziedzic and our second immigration resource fair and legal clinic. I traveled to two states, two counties and five cities across MN. Met with two heads of states, dinned with dozen MPs, headlined 4 conference and 4 fundraisers and held weekly office hours in my district office. I still somehow managed to get in some 1:1 meetings, work, interviews, sleep, play with my kids, hang with friends and host campaign events for my favorite progressive candidates. October looks promising, but I am secretly wishing for the meetings and activities on my calendar to disappear or find a clone. Pray for me y’all
Besides, if you still want to explore Asia, Vietnam and Cambodia itinerary 2 weeks will be an ideal choice for you.
To explore more things around the world, please visit the site: http://cuba-honduras.com/the-adventure-continues/


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Ilwad Qurux

ManshaAllah, we are amazing at multitasking and that’s why the world revolves around women!!!

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Abdulkadir Nur

You worked hard and sacrificed a lot in life to be where your are now.well done sister.keep going

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Leila Elmi

This is what working hard, delivering promises, taking responsibilities, and being a human being is all about, well doneYou are expected to deliver, inspire and empower!….Alhamdulillaah

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Mandeq Haji Elmi

I’m at awe of you’re leadership and constant work you do for you’re community and you’re home county. Most of people when they reach that level they don’t look back their native countries. Guuleeso Abayo you give us hope.

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