I was asked about this diet the other day

I was asked about this diet the other day and I know a lot of people who are on it, but again like the video says “Weight loss will always come down to calories in vrs calories out”. I don’t diet ever, I eat healthy and allow myself treats once in awhile so I don’t go crazy! If you tell me I can’t eat something I will want it more. Knowing that I can have it but I just don’t want it is better for my mind. Learn to have a healthy relationship with food and be a positive role model for our kids. Eat for energy and health and not for weight loss and the weight will come off providing you don’t overeat everyday! That is my personal take on it, so if you’re on this diet thumbs up to you, alot of people do amazing on it, but I don’t like to be restrictive ever. Did this when i competed and when I decided to come off of it I ballooned right out! Save on the perfect presents and stocking stuffers for the entire family with crate and barrel promo code 10 off

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