In order to create more diversity for Hue tourism, some unique products will be deployed, incorporating new products. Travel industry hopes, visitors will have more enjoyable experience when coming to Hue.
Hue tourism from April to September is the peak season for domestic tourists. This is the time of travel of many families as well as the opportunity for agencies and businesses to organize employees have interesting travel.
Team building, the product was exploited in about 3 years back, this year continue to be some business push. Tran Quang Hao, Director of Huetourist said that Hue tourism meets the conditions to organize team building tours from simple to complex. Team building in a day combined with the product tour, experience is being selected by many customers. Hue has many beautiful beaches are the space can not be better to organize team games.

Hue ancient capital is recognized as cultural heritage
There is a type of team buiding that attracts young people to travel, to learn, to experience the culture and history at each destination. Tour operator of Indochina Sky Co., Hue said that each company always try to build a product strength. Indochina sky is promoting many products, in which, Hue tour team buiding tour learn history is quite a lot of students, students choose to participate. "Young people are very active, like to travel a lot and want to understand the culture, history of the nation. Hue tourist sites are at the forefront of this tastes when there is a heritage site. Therefore, only in the summer of 2016, the company held no less than 10 tours, "guide Nguyen Hoa Binh said.
"Difficult to organize tour team buiding is staff, because this product is still quite new in Hue . Recognizing the development trend, the tourism industry is planning to combine with some experienced companies to organize team building in the country to train enterprises in Hue. First of all, it will be short-term classes to meet the needs of this year. Then, we will come to associate with other schools and Hue Tourism Department to train professional and long-term staff, "said Truong Thanh Minh, Director of the Tourism Promotion Center.
Thua Thien Hue was the place where the fighting was fierce, such as A Luoi, Phong Dien. Le Thi Thu, Head of A Luoi district’s Culture and Information Department, said that many historical sites have been visited by many people. Not many people have been soldiers to commemorate teammates and also many visitors come to find out and lighted tribute to the people who lay down.
Spiritual travel is being selected by many inlanders. Hue has many advantages to organize. Tourism affirms that spiritual tourism will change the way the organization promotes and promotes more. Tran Viet Luc, Head of Tourism Research and Development Department, Hue Tourism Department, said that Hon Chen electricity was previously exploited but not frequent, most visitors are in March and July lunar year. Now, Hon Chen power is promoted, welcome guests throughout the year.
Experience the difference
The needs of domestic visitors are mainly to visit, experience and shopping souvenirs. The orientation of the Hue tourism industry is to further promote the products that have attracted visitors for many years, combined with exploiting some new products. Da Noi open at night will be the product can not be ignored by many visitors to Hue. Travelers who have been to will also want to come back to experience the difference. It is known that the Department of Tourism is coordinating with the Center for Conservation of Ancient Monuments of Hue and businesses promote the promotion and tour.
Da Noi open at night, Thanh Toan tile bridge will also light at night to serve tourists. Nguyen Dinh An, director of Hue My Co. said, the countryside activities at the tile bridge will be restored and exploited at night. In the immediate future, will be held periodically at the weekend, when the effective tour will go to nightly organization. Local specialties, typical life of rural Hue will be exploited. Along with the night activities in HCMC. Hue, Thanh Toan tile bridge will also be a destination in the journey of discovery, Hue tourism at night to be exploited in this summer.
One product that will definitely attract many visitors is the experience of Hue on the balloon. On March 25th, a flight test was held at Ham Nghi stadium, expected in about a month, tour will be put into operation. Ballooningmedia said that it is working to adjust the tour price accordingly. Besides the profit, the company also wants to create a new unique products, contributing to attract more tourists to Hue in the future.
Le Huu Minh, deputy director of the Department of Tourism, said that with new products that the industry is trying to build and deploy this year, Hue tourism is ready to welcome the most demanding guests to experience. and use. Beside the elaborate products, tourist environment, security, safety for customers is also concentrated industry. The department will coordinate with the interdisciplinary plans bar, check regularly. With the efforts of the industry, businesses and people, certainly this season domestic visitors will have a completely new feel for Hue.

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