The city of Uncle Ho’s hometown is always the destination of travelers, not only because the city has the mark of preservation of Uncle Ho’s childhood, but also because of the growing city put themselves on the list of the prominent city of the country. With each city you have different experiences, interesting and interesting. Vinh City is always open to welcome visitors with traditional beauty, besides the innovation is constantly developing.
Vinh City Central Park is the place where visitors are invited to come here, is a large campus with 41.3 hectares of park is a place full of entertainment, rest, food, can sports, zoo … Visitors just admire the scenery, have fun, eat extremely interesting and comfortable.
Explore the beautiful city of Vinh
Explore the beautiful city of Vinh
Guests can light aroma incense at the temple – the largest, most sacred temple of the city of Vinh. Phuong Hoang Trung Do is also an ideal visit site for visitors, which is the ancient capital of Quang Trung King was built along two famous landmark Lam River, Mount Quyet. You can admire the mountains of green forest, light on the banks of Lam romantic and lyrical.
Like other northern folk songs, Nghe people were born in the ordinary labor of the people, especially the old agricultural life. What is especially folk songs of Nghe is the convergence of folk melodies of the region: the lane of the North, a little sweet of the Bac Ninh, the Ly Thuong Nam of Quang Nam injured.
It is no stranger to the whole country because of the verses, wallet miles, murals or lullaby are very attached to the listener and leave in the hearts of foreign visitors the very impressive impression of a unique culture. Preserved, handed down through the descendants.
Being a province with sea, fresh seafood dishes are indispensable when coming to Vinh city, eel soup and eel soup are the famous specialties of Nghe An province, so you can easily catch them anywhere in the city. Vinh. Other dishes also attract visitors as well as porridge, rice cakes, chicken porridge, rice noodle, vermicelli of the city gate.
If you buy air tickets to Vinh, you can find for yourself the fresh cheap food such as: noodle soup on Phan Dang Luu Street; chicken rice porridge, rice noodles, buns, baked goods at Nguyen Van Cu street; rice soup in Dinh Cong; eel soup, best eel soup at 08 An Duong Vuong – Truong Thi Ward.
After the Lunar New Year, people from all over will return to temples, shrines in the districts, especially Vinh City to pray for peace and happiness. If you come here you will see a very festive holiday scene, with different holy shrines, you can also ask fortune tellers to see their fortune in the new year with the fortune teller. almost copper.
Guests can attend the festival at Quang Trung King’s Temple on January 5, Temple of the Twelfth King in Hung Nguyen District, Mai Hac De Festival, Hong Son Festival … and many other festivals.

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